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Q: What is an ELV?

A: ELV stands for End of Life Vehicle (or more commonly referred to as a scrap car or salvage vehicle).

Q: What is an ATF?

A: ATF stands for Authorised Treatment Facilities. An ATF is a site which have been licensed by the Environment Agency to de-pollute end of life vehicles to standards set by DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). Only these sites are permitted to issue last owners with a DVLA certificate of destruction. ATFs are more commonly referred to as Vehicle Dismantlers, Scrap Yards or Breakers Yards.

Q: What is a certificate of destruction?

A: A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) is issued by the ATF via the DVLA to prove that a vehicle has been scrapped in a lawful and environmentally sound manner. You will be given a copy of this for you to retain as proof you are no longer the keeper of the vehicle.

Q: Do I have to pay to scrap my car?

A: No, we do not charge for scrapping your car. The price we pay depends on the car and the current scrap price.

Q: Do you buy any car or is it just Ford and Vauxhall cars that you scrap?

A: We buy all accident damaged and end of life vehicles regardless of make and model. Please contact us on 01995 641180 or via email at

Q: Can parts be delivered?

A: We can deliver parts anywhere in the UK or abroad at very competitive prices, uk deliveries are next working day.

Q: Can you collect my scrap car or do I have to bring it to your yard?

A: We can collect all scrap cars and vans, this can usually be done on the same day. We can collect from anywhere in the northwest of England

Q: Do I need my keys or log book to scrap my car?

A: We would ideally need the keys and log book to scrap a car but can be done without if you have some form of identification.

West Coast Car Breakers have no association with General Motors or the Ford motor company. We are not a main dealer we only supply used parts.